Producer for AUR Recording of "Just for You" - August 2010
Completed production on a new CD for Arizona University Recordings by pianist UMI, a nine-year child prodigy who recently appeared with the Boston Pops and on television on the "Ellen Degeres Show". This recording marks Umi's debut recording and features a number of virtuoso pieces. For more information visit Arizona University Recordings.

Umi's website:

Composer & Arranger for the Guadalupe Festival at Arena in Phoenix - July-August 2009
Composing original works for orchestra and choir along with arranging a number of popular liturgical and religious songs for the Guadalupe Festival on August 8, 2009. The soloists for the festival include Filippa Giordano and Dana and features the St Thomas Aquinas Orchestra and Choir. The event will be held at the 20,000 seat Arena in Glendale Arizona.

For more information visit Guadalupe Festival 2009 or watch the commercial on YouTube

New Recording by Hong-Mei Xiao just released on AUR - December 2008
Arizona University Recordings in conjunction with QL Music has just released a new volume of their popular "Living with the Classics" series. I produced two tracks of this recording featuring Hong-Mei Xiao performing the Prelude and Gigue in D minor from Bach's Second Cello Suite.
More Information and Link to Purchase

Photos of OSUG rehearsal - November 2008
My second appearance in Mexico was a big success. It was a wonderful experience to work with OSUG. I had an opportunity to work with Oscar Vetre, a very fine pianist in a performance of the Beethoven 3rd Piano Concerto. I simply had a great time working with everyone and I was very pleased with the orchestra's performance of the Prokofiev Fourth Symphony along with my work Mille Sonitus. I will post video of the concert soon! In the meantime I have an assortment of photos of Guanajuato and the rehearsals with OSUG on FLICKR Photos of Guanjuato and OSUG

Guest Conductor OSUG (Orquesta Sinfonica de la Universidad de Guanajuato - October 2008
I will be guest conductor for a program with OSUG featuring pianist Oscar Vetre. Mr. Vetre will perform the Beethoven Third Piano Concerto. The program also includes performances of Mille Sonitus, a work that was premiered last December by the State Orchestra of Mexico and the Prokofiev Fourth Symphony (second version). This will be my second guest conducting appearance in Mexico.

New Mastered Version of Concerto for Viola and Orchestra Nears Completion - August 2008
Work is nearing completion on a brand-new mastered version of the Concerto for Viola and Orchestra. The new recording is scheduled to be available later this month.

Mille Sonitus Earns Honorable Mention at ACF Minnesota Orchestra Competition - June 2008
Mille Sonitus (Overture of a Thousand Sounds) was recognized at the American Composers Forum / Minnesota Orchestra Competition this month earning an Honorable Mention. Mille Sonitus was among the works recognized from a total of 162 entries that were submitted last March. ACF further commented that Mille Sonitus "represented a significant achievement". The work was premiered by the State Orchestra of Mexico last December and will be performed by the Guanajuato Mexico Symphony this upcoming October.

New Recording of Mille Sonitus (Overture of a Thousands Sounds) - May 2008
Posted on the Music page is a new recording of the orchestral work Mille Sonitus (Overture of a Thousand Sounds) that was commissioned by Orquesta Sinfonica del Estado de Mexico (State Orchestra of Mexico) and premiered last December.  This recording was done with the Garritan Sample Library and mixed in Nuendo.  I am amazed with the high-quality, life-like sound this library produces.  While it took a great deal of mixing and tweaking, I am quite satisfied with the end result.  Feel free to drop comments at

Guest Conductor Guanajuato Symphony - January 2008
I have been invited to conduct the Guanajuato Symphony Orchestra this October.  The program is still being negotiated.

Fond Memories of Toluca - December 2007
I had a wonderful time in Mexico conducting the Orquesta Sinfonica del Estado de Mexico in Toluca and Cuautitl√°n Izcalli (a suburb northwest of Mexico City).  The orchestra was very fine, well discipline and worked me hard.  The program was very demanding consisting of three new works (including a rare performance of the Prokofiev Fourth Symphony), all very demanding.  For a change it was good to don the conductor's attire and go in to battle.  I was extremely pleased with the outcome.  While not perfect performances, the orchestra did perform passionately and they were a delight to work with.  The audiences at both venues were very generous and frankly I was delighted to have four curtain calls after the Prokofiev.

Hong-Mei Xiao who was guest soloist also did a splendid job performing the Viola Concerto.  She took the first and last movements at the proper tempo and the orchestra did a fine job keeping pace.  Many thanks also to Rosa Elena Diaz the young soprano who worked extremely hard to perform the soprano obligato part in the first and second movements.  

Mille Sonitus (Overture of a Thousand Sounds) Completed November 2007
I finished the new work for OSEM that will be premiered next month.  The work employs a number of different orchestral devices that simulate acoustical echo, decay, and doppler effects.   Much of the work focuses on a three-note motif (CDE) that is developed through a series of transformations where the motif is distorted and elongated, first through a lyrical treatment moving more into a contrapuntal setting.  

Work begins on Commission for OSEM (Orquesta Sinfonica del Estado del Mexico)  September 2007
Work has begun on a 10 minute symphonic work for OSEM, (The State of Mexico Symphony Orchestra).  I have been invited to conduct OSEM, one of Latin America's finest major symphony orchestras.  I will be joined by my dear friend Hong-Mei Xiao for the official premiere performance of the Viola Concerto.   

Clips of the Viola Concerto Run Through are now posted. August 2007
Mp3 clips of Hong-Mei Xiao's breath-taking performance of the Viola Concerto I wrote for her are now available on the Music Page.  

Concerto for Viola and Orchestra Run Through - March 2007
Hong-Mei Xiao's run through in Phoenix with the Musica Nova Orchestra was very enthusiastically received. Her performance of the new viola concerto was one for the ages.  She will also perform the work this December in Toluca Mexico with the State Orchestra of Mexico.  Please visit  Mike Markowski's blog page for more photos of the concert.

Viola Concerto Nears Completion February 2007
Work began in October of 2006 on an ambitious concerto for my dear friend  Hong-Mei Xiao.  She is scheduled to perform the work on March 25, 2007 at Temple Chai in Phoenix.  The concert marks Hong Mei's long overdue debut in Phoenix.  

Guest Conducting OSEM December 2006
The State of Mexico Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Enrique Batiz has invited me to conduct two original works along with a rare performance of Prokofiev's evocative Fourth Symphony December 7 and 9, 2007.  OSEM is one of Mexico's oldest full-time professional orchestras.  This also marks my first appearance as a guest conductor with a major symphony orchestra.

San Francisco Open Your Golden Gate July 2006
2006 marks the year I left my liver in Phoenix and found my heart back in the City by the Bay.  No more 100 degree weather... in April let alone the brutal summer life.  I now live just two blocks from Union Square in the heart of the Theatre District (Google Earth).  There is no substitute for an artist than living in a great urban area.   However, I still own a condo in Phoenix. 

Mexico Performance in Negotiations July 2006
The State of Mexico Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Enrique Batiz will premiere a work of mine for the 2006-2007 season.  No particular details are yet available on which piece is to be performed.  This opportunity came about from a Mexican/US cultural exchange program.  More details to come. 

Wait a second! Did I really say that... March 2006
Michael Markowski, a student attending the composition program at Arizona State University and a gifted young composer, asked me to appear in his documentary "So you want to be a Composer".  He and I met for just over an hour to discuss my views on the state of the concert music industry and opportunities for young composers.  Mike included comments by several noted composers and musicians in the Phoenix area with a couple of choice comments by John Corigliano who was visiting Phoenix to attend a couple of premieres.


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My first CD is now available for sale.  Special Thanks to Dave Schmidt for his tireless work re-mastering the recording.  The CD features 55 minutes of original works, including 18 minutes of orchestral works performed by the Arizona State University Symphony directed by Henry Charles Smith.  The CD also includes the 1994 Grady Gammage premiere performance of Sonata El Sonoro.

No Review of Civic Orchestra of Tucson Concert but... October 2005
I was disappointed that neither of the two Tucson papers reviewed the opening Civic Orchestra of Tucson concert.  The concert was well attended with over 300 in attendance at the Berger Center for the Arts.  I was very delighted to sell 20 CDs.  I was also delighted to receive many wonderful comments from the audience and from players including this one sent by John Kececioglu, a former member of the Tucson Symphony who is now an associate professor of Computer Science at the University of Arizona and plays with the Southern Arizona Symphony:

"I have wanted for some time to send a note to say that I loved your 
piece "Adventure for Orchestra." I subbed for third trumpet the day 
that the Civic Orchestra of Tucson performed your work, and the piece 
has still stuck with me. It was, quite simply, beautiful, and I was 
struck (and relieved) that music of this nature (listenable, 
enjoyable, highly polished and yet emotionally moving) is being 
written by contemporary composers. I admire how you are willing to 
write music that does not have as its aim to impress with academic 
sophistication, but offers joy to both listener and performer. It 
was a pleasure to play your music!"

Thanks John!

'Adventure' Premiere in October 2005
In October the Civic Orchestra of Tucson will premiere 'Adventure
for Orchestra'. The 11-minute work is an adaptation of a film score based on a screenplay by my dear late friend Harrison Rogers wrote back in the early 1980s. Adventure is a story about a 14-year old boy who befriends an older 20-something woman to help him find a magical crystal. The premiere is October 23, 2005 at the Berger Performing Arts Center in Tucson. 

Award-winning Violist to Premiere Award-winning Viola Concerto February 2005

Next fall a brand new Viola Concerto will be premiered by Hong-Mei Xiao, winner of the prestigious Geneva String Competition. I am thoroughly delighted to have the opportunity to work with her - she is an outstanding performer and musician. The first performance is only a run through with a local orchestra in Phoenix but the official World Premiere will be with the State Orchestra of Mexico in Mexico City in December of 2007.

PDFs and Online Rentals and Sheet Music for Sale

Some of my scores are now available for perusal.   

And Yes, I bought a Car...
2005 has been an incredibly good year and to celebrate I bought a beautiful pearl white Buick LeSabre.  But don't blame me for the traffic problems in Phoenix, I drive my new car mostly on the weekends and still commute by bus!!


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